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The signs and abbreviations showed on your own spas upper regulation are known as error rules. They inform you that the spa features recognized a scenario which is why after that it attempts to identify. Different devices suppliers utilize different rules to recognize some ailments found because of the salon self diagnostic program.

We will consider the two day spa methods we obtain many questions regarding. Balboa controls and Sundance Spas settings.

Balboa, probably the most usual spa controls manufacturers, uses listed here requirements.

pd = Power supplies, device running on power back-up

OH = Sensors checking out 112-118 levels

Flo = poor stream or pressure switch fail

Cool = liquid temp 20 degrees below set point

ICE = Possible frost situation was identified

Sn1 = Hi-limit sensor fail

Sn3 = Temp detector fail

LOC = Interlock troubles - feasible pump or ozone spike

(----) = Unknown water temperatures. (exhibits once day spa is actually 1st powered up after refill).

Sundance health spa, one of the biggest day spa providers, uses listed here error codes.

ILOC = Interlock failure - possible pump or ozone spike

FLO = Pressure switch breakdown or Flow turn malfunction (system particular).

Keep = Flow Switch (heater are deactivated. Push are often deactivated).

Keep = section keys pushed to numerous era to quickly.

HOT = PCB temperatures above appropriate restrict - air blower on.

ICE = prospective frost state.

PnL = telecommunications between the section and routine board is faulty.

(----) = "WATCHDOG" (spa are deactivated) A problem continues to be identified. (system can not decide)

Sn1 = START SENSOR (heater try deactivated) or SHORTED DETECTOR (health spa was deactivated).

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Every business is going to posses several types of service that they'll offer with their clientele with swimming pools. The shoppers wish to know that they're employing an experienced share and day spa repairs team to get the tasks completed. They want to make sure they have been really fixing it rather than just patching something can price them additional money subsequently.

There are plenty of forms of items that can happen to devices such as this. Sometimes only replacing a pump can fix the problem. In other cases, the seal or coating may need to become replaced. Numerous consumers are going to ensure that they have been hiring an authorized business to do this work with all of them.

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